My journey started as a chef – I took my first course in Nutritional cookery at C.I.A New York State in 1996 and thereafter my passion and appreciation for optimum nutrition grew. During 10 years cooking for discerning clientele I focused on nutritionally well balanced menus. After having 2 children I then had the opportunity to study and I qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist in 2008 and founded Vital Nutrition. My quest for more knowledge and insight lead me to embarking on a 3 year course in the UK at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I have graduated as a British Registered Nutritional therapist.

I have been working with individual clients – men, women and children that present with diagnosed or symptoms of conditions including IBS, digestive problems, candida, under-active thyroid, diabetes type 2, cardiovascular problems, skin conditions, anxiety & depression. I continually support and inspire people with weight management, energy boosting, wellness and sports performance.

I also support cancer patients during and after orthodox treatment – I work closely with Mallorca Cancer Support Group.

I provide clients with practical, doable, yet cutting-edge nutritional information based on scientific research, no fad diets with unrealistic goals to achieve.  I assess lifestyle, stress levels, life/work balance and discuss simple methods of improving this to support you on your journey to optimum health.

Over the years I had more requests in my clinic for recipes, workshops, cookery classes , tasting of foods and just simplicity in staying healthy.
With this unique combination I can support a client’s maintenance of a balanced, healthy and happy lifestyle!