Cookery Masterclasses – enjoy hands on cooking with Suzanne, tailored to your requests, maybe vegan, raw or just deliciously healthy, learn new skills, short cuts and beautiful presentations of dishes, drinks and desserts.

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Coming from a ‘foodie’ background myself, I was desperate to eat healthily, but without the boredom of bland, uninteresting food! Fortunately, I was lucky enough to meet Vital Nutrition’s Suzanne Garaty in the Spring of 2015 and have become an avid follower ever since, attending nearly every one of her deliciously brilliant, health inspiring workshops! I was particularly impressed by her Raw Food Hands-on training Workshop which frankly re-educated me. I had no idea that dishes such as Pad Thai, Ravioli & lasagne could be prepared with raw ingredients and still taste so good! Helpful advice, delectable recipes, interesting educational handouts & lots of fun - I can’t recommend Suzanne enough!