Nutritional therapy is a science-based, personalised approach to healthcare and natural healing of the body. With assessments and intervention using nutrition, lifestyle adaption and relevant diagnostic testing to support you to optimise your physiological, emotional and physical self.

Nutritional Therapy is a recognised complementary therapy that can achieve results on its own, or support orthodox medicine and other therapies. Working with your GP or consultant in the ongoing management of your condition or recommending a qualified alternative therapist.

Will nutritional therapy work for me?
– Are you looking to make dietary changes to improve a health issue?
– Are you looking to improve your health as you age?
– Are you looking to increase energy levels?
– Are you suffering from symptoms of a suspected or diagnosed health condition, but your medication isn’t improving it?
– Are you looking to improve your performance, endurance or reach a health goal?
– Or are you just wanting to feel in optimum health again?

Private Consultancies
I offer a one-to-one confidential, consultation focusing on any health concerns or areas of diet and lifestyle that need improvement. This first consultation will take 60 – 90 minutes. Once I have gathered this information I then devise:

  •  Action Plan – personalized, achievable advice for diet and lifestyle changes.
  • Supplement Programme – details of any recommended nutritional supplements.
  • The recommendation of non-invasive clinical tests if required, to help ascertain any suspected underlying conditions:
    • Food Intolerance – testing up to 300 foods
    • DNA test – genetic variants for food cravings, sugar metabolism and sensitivity to carbohydrates, fat over-absorption and sensitivity, detoxification, methylation cycle, oestrogen imbalance, inflammation, caffeine sensitivity, lactose intolerance, iron over-absorption and the requirements for vitamin B, D, magnesium, glutathione and vitamin C, antioxidants and omega-3 & 6.
    • Stool testing – testing for fungi, intestinal candida, stool pH, intestinal parasites, leaky gut, intestinal colonisation, intestinal inflammation and immune system (sIgA), celiac, lactose intolerance, H. Pylori

A follow-up meeting will be scheduled 4 weeks later.

Initial – 100€, Follow up – 55€

Food intolerance testing

Having suffered with psoriasis for close to 20 years, I have seen many specialist doctors about my condition. Not one has looked into my diet as a cause so I was sceptical when I initially went to see Suzanne Garaty at Vital Nutrition. We methodically went through my diet and general health and pin pointed areas that could be improved. Suzanne suggested I take gluten and dairy out of my diet to begin with and use a coconut butter/oil as a moisturiser. I am in a fortunate situation of being cooked for at work which has made it possible to adjust my diet. The first two weeks weren't easy, which I looked at as my body flushing out the toxins, however, results soon started to show. I am by no means cured but my condition has never been so manageable. I cannot thank you enough.
Dear Krista and all at Cancer Support, Thank you for giving me the opportunity for a personal consultation with Suzanne Garaty from Vital Nutrition. It was really good to be given a suggested food plan tailored for my needs since recently completing chemotherapy, which included places to purchase the items on the island. Suzanne was very thorough, having researched my medications prior to our meeting so she could offer sound advice based on this knowledge. I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes she provided and realizing the health benefits from making some changes to my diet.Kind Regards
There is so much conflicting information around about nutrition and what constitutes a balanced diet that it can be confusing to try and make real productive changes without guidance. I found Suzanne to be knowledgable and eager to help me achieve my goals. Not only was Suzanne able to help me work through the information and sift out fact from fiction, but she has helped to tailor an eating plan that suited me as an individual and my goals. Since beginning work with Suzanne I have not only lost 5 kg but I have also increased my energy levels - which is great especially since I have just completed my first marathon! Suzanne also introduced me to new foods and ways of cooking that I now use in my everyday life and treat my family to. I found Suzanne to be approachable, knowledgeable and very supportive. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to make changes to their lifestyle.
B N.